Over The Moon Chandelier by Autolykus

Over The Moon Chandelier by Autolykus

23 November, 2017

This piece is a kinetic chandelier based on the nursery rhyme “Hey diddle diddle”, and an homage to our late co-founder. It contains a hand-carved cows head in English Alabaster, a cast milk bottle (resin and onyx powder) and a fin of book binding leather in the 2D form of a jump. Each of the three items is held in perfect balance by a series of brass rods, each of which also holds a moon for the cow to jump over. We wanted to crate a mobile chandelier. Previous pieces had led us down a lunar path and so someone jokingly said, “I know, how about The Cow that Jumped Over the Moon.” What started as a joke gradually became a discussion and finally a design.




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