Tuo by Karpeta

Tuo by Karpeta

19 January, 2018

Consistency, color, wool and jute threads knotted and shaped by the wise hands of artisans, creating effects of heights and tactile feelings in contrast.

Karpeta was founded by Daniele Morabito and Simona Scollica, Karpeta introduces its 7th collection, a brand new world of weaves, knots and prints embracing the original vision of the two founders: combining different cultures and worlds capable of turning each rug into a tale of tales, reinterpreting time and space. Handmade according to the ancientartisanal techniques, and yet created to reflect possible futuristic worlds, the creations by Karpeta combine India’s thousand year old weaving tradition with the innovative talent of a team of national and international designers, renovated every year, working alongside the brand’s creative team. The rugs by Karpeta deliver new, artistic visionsdestined to change the everyday life of those who will experience them.




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