West Village penthouse with rooftop deck and pool

West Village penthouse with rooftop deck and pool

15 January, 2018

New York design studio TBD has transformed an apartment in Manhattan's West Village with white interiors and a new rooftop patio, complete with an outdoor shower and hot tub.

TBD reconfigured the New York apartment – located on Christopher Street and measuring 1,600 square foot (149 square metres) – to create an open-plan layout.

The two-bed, two-bath property boasts a private outdoor terrace upstairs, which includes a deck and bar area. A small pool was custom fabricated in Colorado by Diamond Spas, sent on a flat-bed truck and lifted by crane onto the roof.


west-village-penthouse-tbd-renovations-interiors-new-york-city-usa_dezeen_2364_hero.jpgPhoto by Christopher Olstein

west-village-penthouse-tbd-renovations-interiors-new-york-city-usa_dezeen_2364_col_60.jpgPhoto by Christopher Olstein

west-village-penthouse-tbd-renovations-interiors-new-york-city-usa_dezeen_2364_col_44.jpgPhoto by Christopher Olstein

west-village-penthouse-tbd-renovations-interiors-new-york-city-usa_dezeen_2364_col_39.jpgPhotography is by Matthew Williams 

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