YAS Abu Dhabi

5 Star Luxury Hotel in Yas Island

resin floor hotel

Senso has applied 9.000m2 of its Senso FreezeTM resin floors for hotel YAS in Abu Dhabi.

resin floor hotel

Stunning design

Inside, the interior is as awe-inspiring as the exterior. The Sensofloors in the main hallways and entrance hall of the hotel are lined with sleek curves and lines. Senso used a special profiling technique to make this possible.

resin floors hotels

Senso FreezeTM Luxury

With Senso's Freeze technology, virtually any design can be transferred seamlessly onto any floor surface. Giving amazing possibilities to an interior design.

resin floors hotel
uniting inside and outside in this way the elegance of the o

Uniting inside and outside

In this way, the elegance of the outside is reflected on the inside. Mimicking the fluidity of the marina waterfront where the hotel is situated.

resin floor hotels

The YAS hotel is part of the ambitious 36-billion-dollar yas marina development
and accompanying formula 1 raceway circuit, which is also near completion.


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